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This world used to be a place of adventure, intrigue, and excitement. A land of damsels and dragons and knights and pirates and all of that fun stuff. Lately, however, things have been a little different.

It all started when the Royal Academy of Math & Magic summoned a Great Daemon from the burning planes to perform a calculation. The calculation which they were attempting to perform was rumored to be the key to unlocking a source of near-infinite energy, and they were under great pressure from the Hall of Governors to make it work. One of the lesser acolytes, however, made an inadvertent mistake in preparing their calculation. In one small component of the calculation, where it should have said ((x-(y/10))+g), he accidentally left out an incredibly critical “1”, instead forming ((x-(y/0))+g). As everyone knows, dividing by zero with the calculational power of a Great Daemon is very, very bad idea.

The resulting shockwave reached an estimated total of 37 different planes and dimensions, raking over them like a giant planar/temporal cheese grater, and throwing the resulting chunks, with all their various denizens, into the astral plane. More than 90% of life on the Prime Material plane ceased to exist within seconds of the accident. More than half of those remaining perished within a week of the accident. Those who survived have since banded together on the debris of their lives, and are now struggling to find their way in a shattered universe.

One brief quote is attributed to the young acolyte who was responsible for this accident, its sound carried on the forefront of the shockwave. The last thing heard by millions of people on hundreds of worlds was “Oops… the universe.”

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Oops... The Universe